14 May, 2012


Our race is called "The Masochistic Race" because Filipinos obviously enjoy being tormented. They say that struggle is where the humor is. Either we are crazy or just being very optimistic. We can find joy in the worst possible situations. And I could say that the simplest fun we can have includes eating three times a day, and that's on the good day. Those who experienced or experiencing this are the lucky ones, because they can afford to eat three times or more in a day. 'Cause as we all know, in this country not everyone can.

Problems are everywhere. When I turn on the television, I see troubles. When I go out, I see and hear people exchanging bad words, complaining and fighting.

For struggling people such as ourselves, we seek solace in places or people who could make our frowns turn upside down. Call it an oasis, call it a break, or call it a sweet escape. But sometimes all we need is "someone" who could be there on our side through thick and thin.

* * *

And that's what Laura needs.

Laura is an orphan. She didn't even get a chance to meet, see, and be with her real parents arms. Though she's with a family right now, she can't call it a family because her so called "parents" did nothing but to hurt her emotionally and much even worst, physically. And it kills her a person. That results her to blame God. "If you love me, why do I have to experience all of this things? Why do you have to give me such parents who wasn't really taking care of me?" She said.

It was Tuesday evening, she wanted to go out, but it's raining. Unfortunately, that heavy rain doesn't stop her. She ran under the loud clashes of thunder and the unbearable weight of rain. Laura is running so fast, faster than she think she could. By doing it so, she could no longer feel her feet touching the ground. In that moment, she wanted to die.

She was restless...
"I needed shelter. Chill was already seething on my skin. I know I spent long hours soaked under the rain. I don't want to go home now, but I do have nowhere else to go." She said. Laura then saw an appartel at the end of the street, but she doesn't have money. 

A few minutes later...
While driving at the metro, Chris noticed Laura. Chris is a freelance photographer, and working in a big company. He is a very close friend of Laura.

Chris asked the woman, if she would love to go with him. And spend the whole night in Chris's place. "Yes. I really need someone to talk too. Thank you!!" Laura said.

(In the car.... they talked about Laura's problem)
(Just arrived after an hour)

While Chris were on the kitchen preparing snacks and coffee for Laura; the woman looks tired but she was at ease. 

While holding the coffee and snacks, Chris came with that childish smile on his face. Laura don't even know whether to embarrassed on Chris's acts or what. But she opted not to. Because she'd been down that she can no longer endure more pain.

Chris bring out his camera and took a stolen shot of Laura's face, shortly after this woman chewed her first bite on the sandwich. Then Chris laughed so hard. Laura asked him, "What the ***  laughing was for?!" Chris told her that she got mayonnaise spread on her cheek. Then Laura laughed the hardest. Not for the sense of annoyance, neither to partially dispatched from the depths she's experiencing. But for the most wonderful moment, she felt an incredible sense of security with Chris.

(Laura has a big admiration towards Chris. So this Man. ----But they prefer not to open and talk about it, just for the sake of their friendship.)

The next morning, Chris prepare breakfast in bed for Laura.
Laura was taken by aback. She was staring at Chris's face. (Smiling) "Such a sweet guy..." She whispered.

While eating...
Chris told Laura that he will be joining a national photography contest; where photographs should never be altered digitally. They thought of where they could find such? Suddenly, Chris told Laura 'if he could use Laura's picture as his entry'.
"Is there something unusual with that picture of mine?" Laura asked with a sarcastic tone. 
"Yeah. Remember I took a picture of you last night munching the sandwich?" He said.
"Yes, is there something special with that?" She ask with a frown.
"Well yeah, there is a white cloud-like entity behind you on that picture" He explained. And that actually look like a huge hand. What a wonderful effect! I cannot create something like that on Adobe, it looks so real! He paused. That could look like someone wanted to snatch your sandwich away. Great!" He explained.

Laura shuddered.
She felt the ease of crying, so she cried. Without even knowing what for.
She remember, she questioned God once. Blaming and asking, why do her parents hurt her? And her real parents abandoned her?

(Chris was out of the story)

Laura then realized that God never leave her. God is with her through happiness and sorrow. People might hurt her and leave her, but God will always be there on her side. Sometimes, God distant himself from us, for us to draw closer to him. There is always a God we can talk with and open our lungs and hearts out!


(So, can I call this a short story? Hihi. You judge!)

The reason why I wrote this kinda heatfelt/romance is because, I don't know! Haha.
Maybe? I just wanted to highlight how important to have "someone" you can talk with, without hesitation. You can laugh and cry in front of him, you're just being you. You don't think much of "acceptance" because you know for a fact that whatever you do, whoever you are, he'll accept you. And to realized that if the world hates you, there is always a God who loves you. Only God knows what's ahead of you. But you can be sure he will always be there. He will not abandon you, as what Laura's parents did. God will help her through it. 

I can't think of a good title! :/

Lemme know your thoughts.
This is the first short story that I wrote. Sarry, kinda "fast forward" scene. Yay!


  1. Amen! Don't abandon God and he won't abandon you. Never lose faith!
    You're obviously religious. May I ask what religion you practice?

    Furthermore I really enjoyed reading this! The moral of the story is immediately clear. You should write stories like this more often! :)

    1. Hi Sal! Thank you for reading this and leaving positive comment! I really do appreciate you giving time on this. :* much love! I am Catholic, but my "Man" is a Christian, and he's the reason why I come up with this kind of story. Ooopss, he doesn't know it. :P

      I will, soon. Will think of good topic. Yay! Again, thank you so much!

  2. This is indeed a very good story Cai. Keep on writing more inspirational stories as this one and continue inspiring others. Go, girl!

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