30 April, 2012


Everyone's trying to get inside, but I don't let anyone. My life is closed and no one is allowed in. I don't know what I look like, and what they think about me. But this is what I want. I look for meaning, but I haven't found anything. All I found is more questions. Question like, "History repeats itself?" Shit happens, but on different people. Something stupid. I know I'm not the only one experiencing this one. Many out there are facing foolish, fucking nuts people. Really hard to deal with. 

They are like "Egg of an Ostrich"; look so perfect outside, but smells bad inside. I should say, some people are Ostrich. They dressed-up so perfect, and make people around, drawn to them. (not intentionally) 

How would you know if a person has a good intention? If he looks perfect? Cool? If he talks in a natural way? Smiles? I can't find any fucking answer! Shits repeats itself! Look so damn good, but when you get to know them more, oh !@#$. At first they make effort/s on how to get you, once they made it, they will get something from you. If you know what I mean.

To be continued... I'm sleepy. lol

29 April, 2012


Have you ever met someone  who is just a stranger, and fall in love within minutes, hours, or days? And when you're getting to know more about this person, your feelings get stronger and stronger as you talk together? Have you?

Thinking of tonight;
There's nowhere else I want to be,
Sitting beside you, staring at me.
Whether I like it or not,
Your ghost haunts me.
I can't sleep.
You're in my thoughts
Even when I close my eyes,
Your face is what I see.
What is it that you have
That makes me wonder?
Oh.. Stranger.

This stranger has my heart in his hands, he has my happiness on his lips, and he has me in his soul.

22 April, 2012


Grow Up!
We are not meant to remain as children!

Many of us, people, grow older but never grow up. Some are stuck in perpetual spiritual infancy, remaining diapers and booties. The main reason is that, they never really intended to grow. Growing actually takes an intentional commitment. We must want to grow, decide to grow, make an effort to grow and persist in growing.  And for us to do that, we should stop thinking immature thoughts, which are self-centered and self-seeking. Babies by nature are completely selfish, right? They only think of themselves and their own needs. They are obviously incapable of giving; they only receive. Unfortunately, many of us never grow in that kind of thinking. While other people start thinking maturely, which focuses on others not merely of themselves. Because thinking about other people is the mark of maturity. (You love other people, you care about them, you easily forgive them and you are being considerable with regards of their actions.)

Nothing shapes our life more than the commitments we choose to make. Our commitments can develop us or can destroy us, but either way, they will define us. For all you guys know, we become what we are committed to. Like, "tell me what you are committed to, and I'll tell you what you will be in ten years." Other people make half-hearted commitments, which leads to frustration and mediocrity. While others make a full commitments to their goals, such as becoming wealthy or famous, and end up disappointed and bitter. We must know that there are external consequences on every decision we make, so we better choose wisely.

Friends, we should let go some old routines, develop some new habits and intentionally change the way we think.

"It is never too late to start growing."

12 April, 2012


Our "Precious Possession; TIME"

We have only just a minute,
only sixty seconds in it.
Forced upon us, can't refuse it;
didn't seek it, didn't choose it;
But it's up to us to use it.
We must suffer if we lose it,
give account if we abuse it.
It is only just a minute,
But eternity is in it.

The importance of things can be measured by how much time we are willing to invest in them. The more time we give to something, the more we reveal its importance and value to us. If any of us wanted to know a person's priorities, we just have to look at how they use their time. Time is our precious gift because we only have a set amount of it. We can make more money, but we can't make more time. When we give someone our time, it only means that we are giving them a portion of our life that we'll never get back. 


It is not enough to say relationships are important, we must prove it by investing time in them. The essence of love is not what we think or do for others, but how much we give ourselves.

Some people don't understand this scenario; "A Man provide everything to his Family, and yet asking himself; What more could they want?" Well basically he doesn't know if he's doing it  right. His Family want him! His eyes, ears, time, attention, presence and focus. Nothing can take the place of that. Because the most desired gift of love is not diamonds, roses, or chocolates, but it is focused attention. Hence, when we give our time, we are making a sacrifice, and that sacrifice is the essence of love.

06 April, 2012



Religion, Government, what else?
Religion for me is not necessary. Because it is dictated by location, generally disclaimer and whatsoever. They kill each other over religion. By millions we kill each other, right? It's not that I don't like the other religions, I am a Catholic, but I really hate how the Catholic Church behave! This Church actually teaches the traditions of men (fabricating their own doctrines). I'm sure some of you notice that there is difference from what you hear in the Church and what you read in the Bible. Damnable heresy in the Church! They are actually making their own story. (Opps, don't get mad at me, this is what I've observed) Let me share to you this one, it is blasphemy for the Catholic Church to teach that Mary was born without a sin nature and that she never sinned ever once in her lifetime. Do these Catholic doctrines agree with the Bible? No! (See Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23). Simply says that all mankind has sinned. And the only sinless person was Jesus Christ. Blaaaaaah.

(photo by: Karlos Manlupig)
See here <--click
This picture caught my attention! Woah.

Does anyone know the meaning of Respect?
Is there a specific time, particular place to show respect? Do we choose people to respect? To respect another person is to show consideration. And it sort of like love. It's not something we can force someone to bestow upon us. Anyone who'll see this picture will have an impression of "This guard sucks!! He's the devil while the Man is the Angel, etc." I agree with this one. But, come to think of it, what if this Man is a Snatcher? He's just waiting for the right moment to get the bag of the woman in front of him? That's not impossible, right? Nowadays, admit it, looks has a big percentage with regards of someones attitude. If you wear like this, there's an impression that you're more likely like this, like that. Blaaaah. "Looks can be deceiving", hell yeah, it's true!! What's new with our Society?! Fvck.

Oh hell, again! I'm so sick hearing Government. If you wanted to meet selfish, crocodile, pig, go to the Government. There's a lot, lot, lot of problems need to be solved, but those Crocodiles prioritize their own problem. They should be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Why life comes with rules?
Damn it! We're not Robots. Each one of us doesn't need any command to move. Can we just act normal? Speak normal? So why not play by the rules?? Let's make our own way, and get smart. Treat people kindly, it pays on so many levels, mostly because it's just the right thing to do. Playing by our own rules doesn't mean hurting others. It means, not taking things that people hand you at face value without doing the leg work. And for the sake of love, stop bitching about life being unfair. Go out there and do something about it, try to make it fair. Help others in any means, ways that you can. Enjoy life!

"Be a strong captain of a big ship, bring many on board and take them to the new world with you."


Many people don't know the difference between physical attraction or sexual arousal and lust. Peeps, these three are not the same. We are all a sexual being, and that is good. Attraction and arousal are natural. It is spontaneous responses to physical beauty, while lust is a deliberate act of the will. What does this mean? Lust is a choice to commit in your mind what you'd like to do with your body. So there, everyone can be attracted or even aroused without choosing to sin by lusting. I observed some people feel guilty with their hormones. I mean, when their hormones are working. Like when they notice an attractive woman, they assume it is lust and feel ashamed and condemned, right? But for all they know, attraction is not lust until you begin to dwell on it.