30 April, 2012


Everyone's trying to get inside, but I don't let anyone. My life is closed and no one is allowed in. I don't know what I look like, and what they think about me. But this is what I want. I look for meaning, but I haven't found anything. All I found is more questions. Question like, "History repeats itself?" Shit happens, but on different people. Something stupid. I know I'm not the only one experiencing this one. Many out there are facing foolish, fucking nuts people. Really hard to deal with. 

They are like "Egg of an Ostrich"; look so perfect outside, but smells bad inside. I should say, some people are Ostrich. They dressed-up so perfect, and make people around, drawn to them. (not intentionally) 

How would you know if a person has a good intention? If he looks perfect? Cool? If he talks in a natural way? Smiles? I can't find any fucking answer! Shits repeats itself! Look so damn good, but when you get to know them more, oh !@#$. At first they make effort/s on how to get you, once they made it, they will get something from you. If you know what I mean.

To be continued... I'm sleepy. lol


  1. I have nominated you for Versatile blogger award! Go check it out :)


  2. uh oh...wonder what happened. but i agree, it's hard to know who someone really is until we get to know them : /